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Whole House Redecoration in Knutsford

As decorators in Knutsford, The Knutsford Decorator recently completed a whole house redecoration in Knutsford. Our customer had a significant extension built and was keen to bring the old and new spaces together by painting and decorating throughout.

There were several aspects involved with the painting and decorating of the house. Part of this included removing all the doors from each room. They were put in the newly empty extension and were thoroughly cleaned and sanded and then sprayed with Benjamin Moore Scuff X. This is a durable 100% acrylic paint which won’t yellow over time, compared with oil and hybrid paints, and leaves the smoothest finish. Its finish is even more smooth when sprayed!

As a well-established decorators in Knutsford we can draw on our years of experience to recommend and use the very best products available. With our expertise and knowledge, we know what works and where it works best. In this instance we recommended a product which is specifically engineered to resist scuffing, which was perfect for the purpose we needed it.

You can see from one of the videos the steps we took sanding and cleaning the doors, and the finished appearance. Sadly, the photographs don’t do the doors justice! They were completely transformed, looking spotless and brand new and made more durable for every day wear and tear.

Also included in this painting and decorating project was painting all the walls throughout the house. The key to a great finish is in the preparation. We sanded down all the surfaces including the walls and ceilings. Ordinarily this would create copious amounts of dust that settles throughout the house. To minimise the amount of dust created we use the very best dust free sanding equipment available on the market. The sander is attached to a hoover and is able to suck up 95% of the dust. Once the walls had been sanded, the surfaces were filled and then sanded again to ensure a smooth, level finish. They were then cleaned and wiped to ensure a clear surface for the paint to be applied. We put on up to 3 coats on all surfaces to ensure an even, thorough coverage.

For this project we also sanded down the wooden worktops until all the old black marks had disappeared and then oiled them. Doing this restored them back to new. Oiling the work surfaces giving them a protective, water resistant layer.

To paint the walls, we used Tikkurila paint. This is a particularly durable paint that is ideally suited to areas of high traffic. It’s perfect for households where there are children and pets. While it is durable, this doesn’t affect the overall look. When applied to walls it creates a beautiful smooth finish so can be used anywhere in the home.

For our customers, in this instance the Tikkurila paint was tinted to match a range of Farrow and Ball colours. The match was near perfect! Using this paint means if they don’t have a colour you like from their own range, you can colour match it with a paint you do like from a different brand.

After the painting had been completed in one of the bedrooms, we sealed the fresh plaster work and hung some wallpaper to create a feature wall. It was a fairly high wall at around 4 metres from the highest point so took some effort to cover, however the wallpaper looked seamless from top to bottom and had a striking impact.

In addition to the internal work, we prepared and sprayed the garage door in Zinsser Allcoat. As our customers loved the colour of Farrow and Ball Downpipe the paint was tinted to this. You can see what we did and what the colour looked like from one of the videos. We also removed the slightly tired looking composite front door, sprayed it and rehung it. While it looks like a brand-new door that should have cost hundreds of pounds, to paint it only cost around £70!

Customer testimonial

“I can strongly recommend Chris and Sara. The quality of work and care over the finish was excellent. Patient advice was readily provided and was invaluable. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and testimony is us entrusting them with our home to work on whilst we were on holiday for 2 weeks. “

Google review
James Hulme
July/ August 2019

As you can see from the customers’ testimonial, they were really happy with the professional service they received and the overall finish of both the internal and external work that we carried out. He was so happy that he has booked us in to work on a second extension, once it has been completed!

If you need decorators in Knutsford, call the Knutsford Decorator today on 07747 444 528.

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