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The process/ preparation

1) On arrival at your property, prior to any work commencing, any soft furnishings are covered in brand new  plastic and then sheeted up. Carpets are protected either with sheets or plastic roll.

2) All ceilings, walls and woodwork are sanded right back using the very latest in dust free sanding technology.  This means any blemishes/ cracks or previously poorly decorated surfaces are smoothed out in preparation for the top coats of paint

3) All ceiling, walls and woodwork are degreased/ cleaned down giving the best surface for the new paint to adhere too

4) Only the very best materials and paints will be used, which can be discussed and tailored to your needs eg durable paint on hallways or children’s rooms etc

5) We are big believers in using water based paints wherever possible.  Oil based paints suffer from discolouration over time and don’t have the flexibility of water based paints.  Of course, water based paints are better for the environment, dry more quickly and don’t leave the solvent smell in your household.

6) We constantly clean up during and at the end of the day. The dust free machines capture nearly all dust, although there will still be a tiny element of hand sanding which will be hoovered up straight away making it more pleasant for all of us involved!

7) We’re only happy on completion of a job once we’ve inspected the work in different lights, using our specialist site lights which show up any imperfections. We are our own biggest critics!

All in all we are a clean and efficient team, we take great pride in our work and as such we enjoy our work immensely.

I, Chris Reading, owner of The Knutsford Decorator, oversee and work on every job I undertake.

What customers say about us:

"Chris is an absolute perfectionist. He really goes the extra mile to make sure he does a fantastic job..."

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"It was a pleasure having you work in our home and we are very pleased with the finished result..."

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